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Journalist - Copywriter - Digital

My writing portfolio mostly consists of everything arts-related. My professional portfolio is strategical: running ad campaigns, crunching data and picking engaging content and copy to match.

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Out of hand article
The Upcoming

Berlin Film Festival 2015: Out of My Hand | Review

Out of My Hand is the second foreign production narrative film ever shot in Liberia, and it gives us an exclusive glimpse into the everyday lives of the plantation workers living there. Supported by the Liberian government and its movie union, director Fukunaga uses a cast of both professional and...

Evillness promo poster article
The Upcoming

Berlin Film Festival 2015: Evilness | Review

In loose terms, Evilness is the tale of a man trying to tell his stories through 12 songs. Loosely is the operative word, however, as Joshua Gil’s parallel disregard for narrative structure and any deep character portrayal will delight some viewers as much as it will alienate others. Similarly, the main character’s...

Spring2 article
The Upcoming

Berlin Film Festival 2015: Tell Spring Not to Come This Year | Review

Tell Spring Not to Come This Year has already been met with a resoundingly positive reaction, gaining the Amnesty International Film Award as well as the Best Documentary award in the Panorama section at Berlinale 2015. Positive, however, may not be the correct word to describe the critical response to...

Hot sugars cold world still article
The Upcoming

London Film Festival 2015: Hot Sugar’s Cold World | Review

Directed by Adam Bhala Lough, Hot Sugar’s Cold World follows Nick Koenig (aka Hot Sugar), a vanguard of “associative music” who travels between New York and Paris, capturing every sound he hears in between. The fly-on-the-wall documentary’s all-star ensemble includes Jim Jarmusch, Kool AD, and Dr Neil duGrasse Tyson, as...

Elhombrenueveo official article
The Upcoming

Berlin Film Festival 2015: El Hombre Nuevo (The New Man) | Review

El Hombre Nuevo follows Nicaraguan born transvestite Stephania as she returns to her hometown, which she left as a child. Since then, contact with her family has been limited to spying on their Facebook pages. At the beginning of the documentary she lingers on her father’s Facebook profile in an...